First Contentful Paint is text version?

I just checked the speed tab in Cloudflare to see the improvements. I got this :
" Visitors to your website see content in 0.8 seconds on Cloudflare, That’s 48% faster! "
But in the visual slider Shows that instead of seeing the designed homepage the first contentful paint is of this text version of the site, see screenshot :
Is there a way to fix this ?
Thank you in advance.

Well, uh, it is showing content. It just isn’t very smart at figuring out what your site is really supposed to look like. At least you can scroll across the slider to compare performance.

OK. So do you have a way to change the content to the desired page instead ?

You can open a Ticket and see if they can improve Contentful Paint detection.

Out of curiosity, if you scroll across, does the proper version of your site ever show up for either test?

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  1. Yes, the proper version does display after 2 seconds.
  2. OK, I will contact support to change this.
    Thank you for your clarification !!
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First Contentful Paint has a standard definition, so it’s not something that Cloudflare would change. You can read about the definition from the team behind the Chrome lighthouse tool that measures FCP:

FCP measures how long it takes the browser to render the first piece of DOM content after a user navigates to your page. Images, non-white <canvas> elements, and SVGs on your page are considered DOM content; anything inside an iframe isn’t included.

By this definition, text rendering on the page would classify as the First Contentful Paint, regardless of whether it is styled or not.

If you want to measure something else, you can use tools like Chrome’s Lighthouse tool to check other metrics such as Largest Contentful Paint (LCP):

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OK thank you !!!

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