First Byte Time - TOO LOW - When CloudFlare is ON

Title says it /
BEFORE turning CloudFlare on my website, I tested my website on:
I scored LOW on everything EXCEPT FIRST BYTE TIME / got an A on First Byte TIme without CloudFlare on.

then I enabled CloudFlare and retested, I got an A on almost everything else expect First Byte Time, I got a D and sometime F /

how can I fix this please ?

Can you provide a link to your new test result?

sure, my website is
and here is a link to the test results:

I find this very weird to be honest / please help me fix it !

That’s still under one second, so I’m surprised it’s an F. Globally, it’s not so great. Where’s the server located? Cloudflare adds a hop for content that’s not cached, so there’s an initial slowdown, but all the caching should more than make up in overall time.

What was your TTFB before?

IDK mate … weeiiird
all I can say is that these are my test results after disabling CloudFlare //
even more weird that it shows 1.011s // and gives me an A
while with CloudFlare on it showed me 0.8 something seconds and it gave me an F lololol

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