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Hi. I put cloudflare on cache everything to /* on page rules but I am still getting 800ms first byte response time. Why is this? My site is

Otherwise the website is fast I think with cloudflare?



I am getting your TTFB quite low. Have you tested other website?



I tried mine on here



bytecheck might be bottlenecked, or they are throttling heavily. I am getting 30ms in New York with a 40Mbps connection:

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Here it is better, but it is still 400ms :confused:



We get these type of questions quite a bit. My personal recommendation is to not go by the test score, and in this case not even by the test time. Instead benchmark speed results in your browser with original website and cloudflare settings. Then after doing some tweeks, test again. And again. In the end simply compare your original time and the new time.
I prefer Firefox and it’s Network panel. But all browsers have similar tools.



The test shows 359 ms as the largest (third) of 3 readings, the other two being 291 ms (first) and 297 ms (second).

You are making the test using the URL with scheme http:// and without the ending slash, causing two redirects. One to scheme https, another to the URL with the ending slash.

Bear in mind that those redirects are necessary to have on your site (either .htaccess or CF Page Rules), but if you SEO is properly done, 95% of your visitors will just click a link on Google/Facebook/Twiiter/Pinterest etc to reach your website, and hopefully these links are correctly spelled out, with https and the ending /. So the vast majority will not ever face those redirects.

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