First an 524 error message now blank page

Hi Everyone,
I’m the owner of I just updated my payment plan with my host and then updated some WP plug-ins. When I checked my site I got 524 Error time out messages.
Now the page is totally blank with no time out error messages.

I contacted my host told me the problem has come from my name server which is Cloudflare.
I also paused Cloudflare on my site but that has made no difference - still a blank page.

I am a total newbie at this and any suggestions to overcome my problem are very very welcome.

Thank you!

I am afraid this comes to show the issue is with your host and their response simply is untruthful.

Your IP address ends in 229, right? In that case your webserver simply does not respond. It accepts the connection but then hangs.

It might not be necessarily server related though, as that seems to be specific to your site, so it might be something with your site’s code, in which case it wouldnt even be your host’s responsibility, but rather your site’s maintainer’s.

yes its 229. Thank you for your reply

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