Firewallrules.api.not_entitled.max_rules (Code: 10012)

I’m on a Pro Plan, and get a “firewallrules.api.not_entitled.max_rules (Code: 10012)” when I’m trying to save a firewall rule.
I have 9 rules, some using IP lists (<10) , some ASN , etc.

I don’t understand this error
can you help me please ?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask you to check how much Firewall Rules are enabled and active (green toggle) under the Firewall Rules list for your zone/domain? Pro plan should have 20 Firewall Rules available to use. :thinking:

May I ask how did you activated Cloudflare for your zone?
Did you used some 3rd-party provider to integrate Cloudflare for your domain or you did it individually by creating an Cloudflare account and adding your domain to it?

Some hosting providers or Cloudflare partners could offer different packages of “Pro plan”.
Nevertheless, if you’re a member of some kind of CF partner, you might have some things restricted or limited and different from the standard plan types which Cloudflare offers.

Have you tried writing a ticket to Cloudflare Support about this? :thinking:

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