firewallaccessrules.api.not_entitled.country_block (Code: 10016)


firewallaccessrules.api.not_entitled.country_block (Code: 10016)
Why add a firewall rule to prompt this error
I added some countries to deny access but prompted this error

Block Country

Blocking by country is only available on the enterprise plan. Depending on your setup you may be able to block on the origin using .htaccess or a wordpress plugin. Or you can look at Workers samples to block by country as well.


Has this facility been regressed recently? I ask because I’ve been able to block several countries via Cloudflare and I’ve never been on the Enterprise Plan. I know you weren’t able to do this a while ago but my Cloudflare Firewall rules include several country blocks which I’ve configured and now I’m unable to block further countries.



There are several discussions about country blocks and I warned seberal times not to rely on this feature. It was a bug.


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