Firewall Whitelist is not being respected by Bot Fight Mode

Hi all,

I have created a Firewall Rule to whitelist certain IP addresses, but for some reason, Bot Fight Mode is still causing requests from whitelisted IPs to get trapped by Bot fight mode / Managed Challenge

Here is the rule I created:

(ip.src eq or (ip.src eq

If I add the IP address to IP Access Rules, it works fine.

Am I missing something here?

You can’t bypass Bot Fight Mode with Firewall Rules.

If you only have Bot Fight Mode (free plan), any IP Access Rules present will disable it. However, if you have Super Bot Fight Mode (Pro Plan or higher), you can use IP Access Allow action rules to bypass it.

The current version of BFM/SBFM has limited control. You can’t bypass or skip BFM/SBFM using Firewall Rules or Page Rules. SBFM can be bypassed with IP access “Allow” action rules. BFM will be disabled if there are any IP access rules present.

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