Firewall whitelist dont work

Hi, I added the necessary ip addresses to the white list of the firewall (Firewall - > tools), but why is the address data still redirects through cloudflare, what is the reason? (Firewall screen bottom)

p.s My native language is not English, sorry.!

Not sure what you mean by that. Can you elaborate?

Hi, I need some ip addresses to be sent directly to the site (So that I accept the ip on the site is not cloudflare). I hope you understand :smile:

Do you mean you dont want your site to be proxied for certain clients? That would not work. You would need a second, unproxied record which these clients then use.

I have a website connected through which the payment is made, from it comes the answer, but to understand whether the answer is really from the payment site, I check its ip. Because of cloudflare, I don’t get the ip of the payment site, but I get the cloudflare proxy

As I said, you’d either need an unproxied record or point it directly to the IP address of your server.

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Oh, I didn’t even think that on the payment site you can specify a direct ip to the site, thank you very much. I’ll try it now

I can’t use the ip on the web hosting to connect to the site, you need to connect the domain to it. I need to somehow configure whitelist from an ip payment system

Then you need an unproxied record. But why doesnt it work via Cloudflare in the first place?

The payment site connects to a domain that is filtered through cloudflare, which in turn sends its ip address to my site. You mean a subdomain?

Your settings should whitelist their addresses and an IP address shouldnt be “sent” either. Can you post the exact error message they get?

Also, check out your firewall event log if you maybe configured a firewall rule which blocks them.

Yes, I added the payment site’s IP to Firewall - > tools - > IP access rules, but for some reason they still don’t connect directly to the site. My site also gets cloudflare ip when the payment site connects to it!
Screenshot of ip access rules below:

I just need certain ip’s not affected by cloudflare when connecting to a domain)

Okay, thank you very much

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