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Hello, hoping you are very well. I have a problem with a plugin (wordpress) that connects with bsale, between these there is communication through a URL which updates the stock of the products and I have been almost three weeks without updating the stock, which has brought me serious problems with customers. All this begins on April 11, when for some reason someone or something changed that is blocking the communication of both. According to my client nobody has touched anything but if I check the history of changes but if I check the audit log it appears to me that if changes were made, here comes another problem I don’t know what changes were made. Can you make a rollback? Based on the attached images, can you help me identify what happened? or what should I do? Thank you very much for your time.

PS: my English is not very good

I do not think it is Polish or Mirage. Probably not TLS. Most likely Firewall Settings.

First, try changing in Firewall → Managed Rules. Set OWASP sensitivy to low or change Action to Simulate. Then see if bsale works.

You can also look in Firewall → Overview for bsale activity that is getting blocked, and that might tell you exactly which setting is the problem.