Firewall Rulles

Hi. I create a firewall rulle to block unneccessary traffic to site/domain. And also I need to parse this domain by another domain using PHP curl functions.
And now I cant get domain content with current rulles. what I should to add for exeption to pass curl function?
domain1 (with firwall) - domain2 ($ch = curl_init( domain1 ); )

You could whitelist/allow the server IP on one domain (which is using Cloudflare) from the other using IP Access Rules or creating a Firewall Rule.

That way, Cloudflare shouldn’t apply any WAF rules or Bot Fight mode, etc.

Nevertheless, you might even pass Cloudflare as “allowed”, but end up in “black” if the origin server from the domain you are targeting with cURL is having origin/server firewall and methods to block any user-agent which contains “curl, wget” etc.

May I ask what error do you see?

Are you the owner of both of the domain names?


thanks for reply
about error - curl can’t parse page, I see blank page (disabling rule - works fie)
about own - yes, I own both domains, domains on different CF accounts

For now error is:

Error 1000

Ray ID: 6c94d609289077bf • 2022-01-06 12:09:11 UTC

DNS points to prohibited IP

What happened?

You’ve requested a page on a website (*************.xyz) that is on the Cloudflare network. Unfortunately, it is resolving to an IP address that is creating a conflict within Cloudflare’s system.

What can I do?

If you are the owner of this website:
you should login to Cloudflare and change the DNS A records for to resolve to a different IP address.

As stated:

Point your A records of to the correct origin host/server IP address to make it resolve propperly.

See below article:

If you allow “curl” in your Firewall Rule like if user-agent contains “curl” and if the IP Source Address of the request is coming from the server IP you are sending the request → action Allow.

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yes, DNS record - fixed (Im transfere second domain to same CF account)

done Screenshot by Lightshot but didn’t work anyway…

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When I visit your website, I do see only white blank page.
Nothing else.
Is this expected or?
I also see 404 not found for favicon.ico.

Hm, may I ask if that rule is the 1st from above (if you have multiple custom Firewall Rules)?

  • you can change the order of them by “drag&drop”

If you got blocked request, do you see the request in the Firewall Events tab being blocked or challenged by maybe a Bot Fight Mode, or Browser Integrity Check, or some other rule?

Notice: When updating Firewall Rules, you have to wait for a few minutes to apply the changes.

UPDATE: I have sent few curl request. I did not get any “error” or “blocked” message from Cloudflare. I do see </html> for the content only (as it’s empty even in my Web browser when I visit your Website).

Can you check the Firewall Events tab if you see them from me? I believe it’s good now.

Just, I am not sure what the content should be on your Website. Seems like an error at the origin host/server side?

this is second website which using curl function

Allow rule goes first

I think I solved an issue
Im add in Allow rule row with “Request method” - “equals” - “GET” and all started working

Thanks a lot for support!)

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