Firewall rules. Website or Domain?

Do Firewall rules apply only to the website or the entire domain?


Thank you for asking.

It might depend how you configure them, for example if you use URI Path or Hostname it should be related to any request which either equals or not, or contains or not a specific part of the “path” for the request or hostname.

Nevertheless, they apply to entinre domain and any proxied :orange: hostname (DNS record). But, they can also apply only for your Website on, but not on or not on

They are really flexible :slight_smile:
We can configure them individually, so it may apply for naked (root) domain but not for the “testing” sub-domain or vice-versa and similar scenarios as we need on demand.

May I suggest looking below articles for more additional and helpful information about Firewall Rules:

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Thank you for getting back to me. If it’s not too much to ask, here is my request from a customer.
They want to block any request outside of Canada. Easy enough, I did that using something like this:


However, in the case employees go work abroad, they don’t want to this rule to impact them in any way.

Any way to confirm the Country field in a rule affects only the domain or only the website?

Thank you!