Firewall Rules priority over IP block

Hi all,

in Tools I have blocked IPs. But I need to allow IP, if certain IP is using certain User Agent. I try to set up Firewal Rule to whitelist UA, but anyway it is blocked by IP rule.

Any workaround for this ?

Hi @opensubtitles,

If you look at:

You can see the the IP access rules will be evaluated first so the request will be blocked.

You could use a firewall rule to block IPs unless it’s from a specific user agent.

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Thank it is helpful. The thing is I have more than 12.000 IPs in list of blocked IPs, so probably not solution for me without Enterprise package?

No problem, wow - that’s quite a few IPs! You are correct, that probably wouldn’t work in a Firewall Rule. Currently if the IP is blocked as you have it, it will be blocked regardless of other rules as that’s the first to be evaluated. Maybe someone else here has a possible solution.

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