Firewall rules not working,

Firewall rules not working, Security Overview Firewall Events, No firewall events found matching your filters, Appreciate any insights.

  1. What firewall rules do you have set?
  2. How do you know that those rules should be getting hit?

Many thanks for your support , I am new for Firewall rules , if you kindly provide any advise best practice please!

If you would please answer the questions, we can advise you.

Many thanks for reply

I have 2 domains (free plan).

The first on domain . NO firewall rules set?
However, Firewall rules is working, in particular Activity log shows
Managed rules (new) and Security level both are active

2- The second domain domain .NET I only set Firewall rules// Legacy CAPTCHA

However, Firewall Activity log rules shows no rules:
Managed rules (new) and Security level both are NOT active.

Only 2 days ago Activity log shows Firewall rules// Legacy CAPTCHA ONLY
any advise how to activate Managed rules (new) and Security level please ?

Best regards

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