Firewall rules not working…

My firewall rules aren’t doing anything

For my counties block I connected to a china virtual network and it didn’t block it. My Challenges for the HTTPs don’t challenge even with js neither do my threat scores

Can you post your firewall rules?


The HTTP Version challenge

Challenges all HTTP Verisons

The threat score is set to 5

What are the rule conditions for each rule?

This one is saying the HTTP version needs to match HTTP/1.0 AND HTTP/1.1 AND HTTP/1.2 AND HTTP/2 AND HTTP/3 AND SPDY/3.1 which is never going to happen.
Instead, try something like this


Looking through these your issues seem to be related to using AND when you want OR.

For rule 2 it is going to activate when you have a threat score of 5 and are a known bot that is limited to this list chances are any of those bots aren’t going to have a threat score of 5.

For rule 1, it is matching for a Country that is China AND an unknown country so that will never fire.

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