Firewall rules not working for IP access

dear all,

I’m using free version and I created 3 firewall rules using the documentation examples.
For the whole domain I need that those websites that I have would be accessible only from specified IP addresses and blocked from other addresses.

(ip.src in $mupo) allow
( eq “xxx.yy” and cf.threat_score gt 5) Block

xxx.yy is the domain I use and mupo is the list of IP-s that I’m allowing to access

What am I doping wrong?

That looks like two separate rules. If you want to limit access to $mupo, then change the rule to be NOT IN $mupo and then Block.

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But it still doesn’t work properly. It has blocked from US and Hong Kong, but when I’m trying from other service provider network here in Estonia, the webpage is still accessible…

Can you post a screenshot of those rules?

try If you see some posts, then the firewall rule has failed

I guess the firewall rule worked.

Capture from my firewall log. I’m using Cloudflare DNS, so all clients should get Cloudflare’s IP-s

I’m not sure what you mean by this. That log shows a redirect (to a 404 page, perhaps?) for requests coming from Microsoft’s network.

for this domain I only have a server here at my home.
when I switch off wifi and use my mobile data - I’m reaching this web site. I did a traceroute from my phone and it showed that traceroute went to cloudflares server… so then my phone’s browser should not get data from my website… It’s strange

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