Firewall rules mistake

Could somebody explain me where I’m wrong? There is a rule which Allow visitors with Referer Contains “google” to get site. And after that rule goes another one which starts Captcha to everyone with Referer “my domain name”, like somebody goes to the another page after access site. The problem is when I’m getting to site from and trying to get to another page I’m getting captcha. Why so? Allow - Matching requests are exempt from challenge and block actions triggered by other Firewall Rules content. So, if I get to site from Google other Firewall Rules shouldn’t work for me. Position of the rule with referer goole is 2, and the position of the rule with my domain name referer is 4.

Can you check the firewall events and see which security service triggered the captcha? Is it the number 4 firewall rule?

I would like to see the screenshot of your second firewall expression too.

Rule 4 triggered the captcha. Here is number 2 and number 4 rules. Exactly number 4 contains two rules - it will show captcha to everyone who enter my site from external links (except those which allowed by previous rules, like number 2 rule) and those who is getting to second page of my site.
number 2

number 4

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