Firewall rules logs % rate passed vs fail

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With the challenge rate, I see a low 5% means only 5% passed and 95% for JS or Challenge. This works well for individual rules but to save room, say I wanted to add five countries to a firewall rule, how can I tell which ones have the higher pass or fail just to monitor.

Currently, on the PRO plan, this is enterprise terrority?

I just thought it cleaner to combine a few.


This could be achievable using GraphQL API, but I’m not an expert in GraphQL so hopefully someone can come out with a proper query to get the desire result.

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@floripare walked me through GraphQL to pull firewall logs. I just don’t recall where he found the list of available fields.

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I don’t recall it either! :joy: My script to get firewall logs only uses fields that are available on the several samples and tutorials in the documentation, or else I saw being used by others in this community.

I don’t think Cloudflare’s GraphQL API would have a ready-made field with the calculation of how many visitors passed a challenge. My understanding is that you’d need to get the raw data and have your script calculate it.

Whether and how this data is available, and for what plan levels, is not clearly shown on the documentation, as far as I could see. These could be a starting points:


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