Firewall Rules for Country limitations e.g. geoip

I’m using a free account and I want to only allow access from users who are either in the US or in India. I have a firewall rule set up as shown in the screenshot below, but for some reason users from other countries are sometimes, but not always, able to access our site. What could be wrong? Could it be that I need to be on a paid CloudFlare account for this to work?

Thank you!

That should do it. What are you seeing that shows visitors from other countries?

Thank you for responding so quickly!

I can see the IP address that they are coming from, and some of them are in places like Hong Kong, South Africa, Indonesia and others. They are spamming my WaaS site by starting to sign up for child sites but then abandoning their purchase before completing it. When they start that process, their IP address is recorded.

Can you try this global test and see how it goes?

Thank you again for helping me! I ran that test and here and the results are shown in the screen shot below. You can also view them here:

What do these results indicate?

Thank you!

It should be an OR statement, not AND. To simplify it further use this expression:

(not in {"US" "IN"})

And set it to Block.

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I figured out the problem. It had to do with DNS settings errors.

Thank you anyway for your time and help.


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