Firewall rules doesn't work properly


Recently I added my domain to Cloudflare, and it becomes Active successfully, but I faced a problem I hope you help me to sort it out.
I created a firewall rule using action “legacy CAPTCHA” and choosing a incoming requests from 5 countries using “AND”, but the activities of the rule is “0” for two days and the website statics log that a lot of visitors from these 5 countries are visiting the website normally!

P.S. the rule is active.

Thanks in advance

A request can’t come from 5 countries at once. You can’t be tall and short.

Try using a single list with ‘is in’ or an OR operator in place of the AND operator.


Yes of course, it seems logic :smiling_face: Thank You.
I set the list with OR operator, but I don’t know why the action taken is always “Managed Challenge” even though I put the action on “legacy CAPTCHA”?

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If you are on a Free Plan, Legacy Captcha is not available and all actions marked as that will be converted to Managed Challenge.

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