Firewall rules Custom Date Range bug

Hi there!

I am assuming a bug on the Firewall Rules Custom Range selector. When I select a start date the end date is not possible to select the next day. It is selectable only for the selected start date. Screenshot by Lightshot
I really want to use this :wink:

Thank you!

Depending on what plan you are on, you will have different capabilities in the Analytics dashboards and in the API. See the documentation at the links below.

I want to use this on the CF Dashboard and have a free plan only on this domain. I tried the custom date range selection also on a Pro account but the bug is still there!

From the first. article I linked to:

Free and Pro customers can choose a 24 hour time window and our Business customers can view up to 72 hours

Ah, ok got it, Just confusing if it’s there and not working.

Thank you for your time!

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