Firewall Rules > Challenges - Show list of IPs for solved Challenges

I’ve created firewall rules for IP address when I find obvious bots that get through bot fighting mode. The problem is, sometimes users on these IP addresses are solving challenges (which bots usually don’t do). I assume these are temporary IP addresses that are reused. So, I want to details on who is solving these challenges to let in legitimate users OR determine if bots are solving challenges (based on the traffic pattern).

This feature could be added by providing a list of IP addresses who have solved the challenge when you click on the grey % solved bubble on the list of firewall rules (See red arrow below). Then, I could:

  • Look up the IP information
  • Find info on that user by removing them from an existing rule and/or adding them to another firewall rule.


Other users have wanted this data as well:

Giving Cloudflare users more transparency would be super helpful and this is data you already collect.

You might need to use GraphQL to query the data.

They do record a list of traffic solved the challenge (with the action of challengeSolved or jschallengeSolved), it’s just that they didn’t include this as default (I believe they are trying to reduce the number of datasets in one query so that the API endpoint is not overloaded).


Erictung, thank you for the suggestion. But, I’d like a non-programmatic solution. It would complement the other resources that cloudflare offers on their website. If the query didn’t execute unless someone clicked on the link, it wouldn’t be that much of a draw on the API.

Along with Larsestrem, we need a simple listing of “WHO SOLVED THE CHALLENGE”. Just a list of ip addresses – better yet, the URI. This will help us tune our firewall rules! Thanks! -Cliff

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I would also like to know which of the challenges are solved ones. Is there a way of seeing this?