Firewall rules by IP hostname

I get a lot of trafic from amazon IPs and with PHP I can see that IP hostname is like:

It would be nice to block them by matching the IP hostname e.g “” but I understand the firewall rules refers to my site’s hostname.

Can an option be added to filter by IP hostname matches ?

The firewall doesn’t do hostname lookups, but you can block by AS Number for Amazon.

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Block the Amazon ASNs instead. The PTR can be changed.

@sdayman, @MarkMeyer, the OP clarified this already at Blocking * hosts. I assume this is supposed to be the matching feature request.

Just my two cents on this, I somehow doubt Cloudflare will implement that. That will require a reverse lookup for each request (some caching could certainly be done), which can take signifcant resources on the proxies as well as delay request handling by quite a bit.