Firewall Rules: Block vs Challenge


I’m setting up some Firewall Rules for my account and encountered an issue.
In my Firewall logs, I see many items taken action “Managed Challenge”, these items apply for two Firewall Rules at the same time, First rule action is “Block” and Second rule action is “Captcha Challenge”.

My question is, shouldn’t be Block action rule have higher priority than Challenge in case of matching both rules?


If you have a free plan then

any Firewall Rules set to Challenge (Captcha) have become intelligent Managed Challenge .


That doesn’t explain why Block isn’t working, though.

I can only guess that the Block rule just isn’t being matched by whatever the request is.

Yeah I agree.

@nima_1024m Can you share what your firewall rules look like an a request you would expect to be blocked and not challenged.

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