Firewall Rules - Block By IP Source NOT WORKING

We have a rule with multiple IP address set at the top level and for some reason they are still being allowed when the rule is set to BLOCK. Can someone please assist with this?

Could you share the rule with us?

That will never work. The IP address can not equal this AND that AND the other one at the same time.

Best approach is to use Is In and make your list that way.


Good to know! Thanks for that. I will make the changes and see if that works.

Thank you,

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For those other rules where you can’t use “IS IN”

These are boolean AND. If ALL conditions are true then the result is true. The boolean OR means if ANY condition is true then the result is true.

If you have mixed AND and OR in the same condition then the AND will take precedence (much like * and / take precedence over + and -).

You can combine those with the use of ( ) which will alter the precedence.

In your case the AND meant that all statements had to be true to block the visitor and as mentioned you can’t have a source IP that is equals to all the IPs at the same time. It would work if you have used OR instead but the IS IN is useful when available.

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