Firewall rules behave odd

So I’ve created a firewall rule to block access to images and videos served from a cdn url, let’s use

I’ve set the rules to be:

When hostname =
referrer does not contain
referrer does not contain

it was working, I couldn’t access the image urls directly but they loaded into the site which has the referrer as in the browser

However a few minutes later the image wouldn’t load into the site either, I checked the developer tools and the network request clearly showed the correct referrer as

So I tried the admin and the referrer was and the images didn’t load there either.

A few minutes later it worked again, then later it didn’t and so on. Like up and down like a yo-yo yet the referrer in the browser network tab was correct every time!

Sorry for the mess it won’t let me post the urls without quoting

Weirdly it seems to be working perfectly fine now

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