Firewall rules and tools not working

An unknown bot on Linode server keeps accessing my website very 30 minutes or so. I have tried creating a rule with its hostname and IP but nothing seems to be working.
In the site webstats I can still see this bot requesting the home page.I have waited a few hours, thinking that the rule might require some time before it is enforced.
I have also added the IP in the Tools, however nothing seems to be working.
The action for both rules is Block.
Your help will be much appreciated.

Should work only with IP or user-agent :thinking:

Can you share a screenshot of your Firewall Rule?

May I also ask is ti the only one Firewall Rule or you have more Firewall Rules you’re using?
Try by putting it on the top, to make it’s 1st rule from above on the list.

In the Security → WAF → Tools → IP Access Rules? :thinking:

If it’s really annoying and you don’t have any service running on Linode, I’d try to temporary block the AS number of Linode (or multiple ones) to test things out and see how would it work.

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the time you have taken to answer my request.

Update: the server in question has stopped making requests to my website, however, I filed an abuse complaint to the Linode, so I’m not sure whether the rule is working or not.

At present it’s only rule active.
the User-agent is unknown.
I have added the ASN.

Thank you!