Firewall Rules and good bots: action required or not?


If I understand the Firewall Rules announcement and the Firewall Rules documentation correctly, Cloudflare no longer whitelists bots (including good bots like Google) and you have to manually create a Firewall Rule to not block them?

I find it hard to believe Cloudflare would ban all bots, including good ones, by default, without warning. This would obviously have major consequences.

Do I really have to create a Firewall Rule to allow Googlebot and the likes on my site?

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I also don’t understand it… just dona some testing and it seems that bots can scan the website alouth I didnt add any firewall rule.

if they really blocked all bots by default to all cf customer… its gonna be huge seo crisis that’s why i don’t believe they really did it

One cant block enough bots :laughing:

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