Firewall rule "wp-login.php" is blocking loging out users

So I’m having an issue where all my woocommerce users are getting block once they are trying to log out of the website. So because I made a “URL path” rule “Contain” where it blocks anyone trying to access “wp-login” & “wp-admin”, when users are logging out form the frontend it then redirects the logout URL to

How can I bass pass this?
I tried to use a OR URL PATH DOES NOT CONTAIN “wp-login.php?redirect=logout*” to try to bypass that and that didnt work either.

The “?redirect=logout” part is not part of the path, but of the query string.

You could try:


Or you many want to try instead a redirect in WP itself so that when people log out they are redirected to a thank-you page or the home page. There are many plugins that can do this, just search on the WordPress repository. Since this redirect would be done by WP internally, it wouldn’t be affected by your Firewall Rule.

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Thank you very much! that work perfectly…

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