Firewall Rule with exception

buenas, quiero crear una regla que me active el js challenge pero el mismo tiempo que no me lo active en una url en especifico

me explico
si pongo no me active el challenge pero a todas las demas url de mi sitio si.


If I understood it correctly, you want to JS challenge all requests to your domain, except those to a specific subdomain. In that case, you can you the Hostname field, instead of URI.

Third line is optional, in case you don’t want to JS challenge the “known bots”, like Googlebot, Bing etc

is not neccesary to add the option reguest method?

i having issues with ddoss attacks.

seems good?

No, it’s not necessary if I understood what you need correctly.

Looks fine, but the second line is not needed. The “is in” operator will make the rule apply only to those hostnames.

got it, thanks, i will let u know if i need more help.

have a good day.

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can i put like that?
its works?

Yes, I’d think so.

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