Firewall Rule vs Access Rule

My goal was to block traffic from all countries except two. I heard that it was not possible to block countries on the Pro plan. So I setup dozens of Access Rules to challenge based on country code.
On a couple of forum posts that I found related to this topic Access Rules were discussed.

I must have missed it before, but today I noticed the Firewall Rules. This seems like a much easier way to block by country code because you can do it with one rule and ‘does not equal’ operators. Now I’m wondering why none of the forum posts mentioned Firewall Rules for blocking countries. I’m confused.

Is the ability to block by country code with a Firewall Rule a new feature?
Does it work for Pro plans?
What’s the difference between having a Firewall Rule that blocks or challenges by county code and an Access Rule that does the same thing?

Thank you

They are pretty new.

Works for all plans.

There is not much of a difference. Eventually Cloudflare will merge these features into one.

great. thanks!