Firewall Rule to Forward URL


Is it possible to create a firewall rule whereby if a visitor is not from a certain list of countries (this is already implemented for some of my domains), then it is possible to forward that visitor to a different URL?

The reason for this is I don’t want people signing up on certain member sites if they are outside of defined countries (as we can’t offer local support); however, I do want visitors to be able to access the Web site if they already joined the site from within an allowable country.

For example, let’s say a domain allows members to only sign up if they are within the UK, so the visitor signs up in the UK, but then they travel to Brazil (as an example), then I still want them to be able to access the login page for their existing account, but do not want new visitors to signup from Brazil.

Kind regards, MIke

I just learned about this trick:


That’s a good trick. I’m going to bookmark this.


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