Firewall Rule to Block Visitors But Allow Google/Bing Bots

Hello guys,

I a need a Firewall rule that can enable me to block real visitors from accessing a certain webpage on my website but allow Google Bots/Bing Bots to crawl that page. How can I achieve that?

That wouldnt be a page rule, but a firewall rule.

What exactly do you want to block? Provide examples, respectively simply check out firewall rules, it should be pretty self-explanatory.

Sorry, I meant a firewall rule (post edited). I want to block my sitemap from being accessed by physical users but allow Google/Bing bots to crawl.

Something of that sort could work (tweak to your needs)

Though this will allow all bots listed at If you really just want the two mentioned it will be more difficult.

No problem. Thanks man. Those bots are fine. Let me test it out.

Works wonderful. Thanks man!

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