Firewall rule to block a country is not working

I am trying to block a country but getting a problem as it is not working for the block case.
I can see on the javascript console an error like this:
raven.js:1417 POST 400

Show a screenshot of the rule you are trying to apply before you add it

It seems broken for me as well. I have several Country blocks. Only an Enterprise plan doesn’t give me that 400 response, but still doesn’t actually add it. Maybe @mdemoura is online and can test it. @amayorga might also be around.

Hi @noman and team,

Indeed, this is occurring due to plan limitations as seen below -

Block by country is only available on the Enterprise plan

From: Configuring IP Access Rules

You can reach the Enterprise Sales team by submitting a support ticket with this request or using this form.


Thanks! That sounded familiar, but I couldn’t remember if it was Wordfence or Cloudflare. Or both. Turns out it’s Both.

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