Firewall Rule to allow Googlebot

I am challenging traffic from certain countries and think this may be stopping Googlebot accessing my sitemap.

What Firewall rule do I need to set to allow Googlebot (and other good bots)?

You can add a “Known Bots” condition to your Firewall Rule. Without knowing your current syntax, I can’t tell you if Known Bots should be on (a match) or off.

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I have one rule at the moment:

( eq “RU”) or ( eq “CN”) or ( eq “US”) or ( eq “UA”) or ( eq “BR”) or ( eq “IN”) or ( eq “PK”) or ( eq “IE”) or ( eq “LU”) or (ip.geoip.continent eq “AF”) or ( eq “DE”) or ( eq “PL”) or ( eq “BR”) or ( eq “SG”) or ( eq “TR”) or ( eq “JP”) or ( eq “CA”) or ( eq “FR”)
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The following expression will match that country list, but not match if the request is from a Known Bot:

( in {"RU" "CN" "US" "UA" "BR" "IN" "PK" "IE" "LU" "AF" "DE" "PL" "BR" "SG" "TR" "JP" "CA" "FR"} and not


That looks a lot neater than the rule I created but I don’t know how to create one like that. I am using Country Equal then Or for the next one.

How can I create such a rule with not cf.client bot on the end?

The list uses the is in operator.


Thank you both so much.

Rule is a lot neater AND my sitemap can be read :slight_smile:


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