Firewall rule to allow Buffer to create url previews

I’m attempting to create a firewall rule to allow Buffer to scrape my site in order to post featured images and snippets when posting to LinkedIn. I’ve tried to set up a rule based on the user agent information provided to me by Buffer support using “equals” or “contains” as the operator, but no joy.

The only way I have found that allows Buffer to retrieve the featured image and snippet is to disable Cloudflare on my website. Strangely, it’s working for Facebook and Twitter, just not LinkedIn (and when I post directly within LinkedIn, it works just fine too).

Any ideas?

Default settings shouldn’t block any bots. Is threre something in the Firewall Event Log that’s showing Bufferbot getting blocked?

As a suggestion, I’d try a “Contains” for something basic, like ‘uffer’. That will avoid the B if it’s upper or lower case, and still get enough of the name to be unique.

Thanks for the suggestion - I set up a rule for User Agent contains “uffer” and I still had the issue with LinkedIn (and incidentally, my Facebook posts then lost their featured image but the snippet remained intact).

This is the result with the “uffer” rule in place:

That event says you’ve enabled Bot Fight Mode. The User Agent String also doesn’t include “uffer”, so maybe you should set an allow for ‘facebook’ instead.

Thanks @sdayman for your patience - this is all rather new to me! I set the rule to allow user agent containing ‘facebook’ but still had the issue.

I’ve turned off bot fight mode and everything works OK. I’m hoping there aren’t any significant downsides to having bot fight mode off?

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