Firewall Rule Period

How long is the cache/period for the firewall rule to be expired? Because I don’t see an option to set the period when the cache for the rule should be expired after a specific of time

There is no such thing for firewall rules.

Can you post a screenshot of what you are referring to?

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For example, I want to make the cache period for this rule to be 6 hours.

So after six hours, it will automatically force the rule to be reset on the user browser.

All right, as I already mentioned there is no such cache and nothing here is browser related. That’s a rule which you configured on Cloudflare and it will be active as long as it is enabled.

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Why the access has this feature then?

How is this related to firewall rules?


I mean if access has this feature, why not the firewall has too???

So how do I know the exact time of the session to be expired? And I can’t control it as well

Access and firewall rules are completely different features and the latter simply don’t have any such feature, as I already explained twice :wink:

I already know they are two different things, and I also already explain twice.

"Why can’t the firewall rule to have this feature too? So we can know the when the session will expired and control it…

I believe this is plain English???Lol

You are talking about two different features which are based on different technologies with different purposes, objectives and usage.

Firewall is just an inbound/outbound traffic filtering system. It checks for traffic matching certain criteria and take action. Once you turn on, it stays on until you turn it off.

Cloudflare Access is a Zero Trust system which authenticates a user before the user can access something. Post authentication usually comes with session duration feature which determines how long the user can do something on an application.

I’m really curious to see what other firewall products come with “session” feature. Dell SonicWall? Barracuda WAF? Cisco? Akamai? Imperva? Fastly? pfSense? AWS WAF? Signal Sciences?

And I explained in plain English that the feature simply does not exist. Not sure what’s difficult about that :wink:

Firewall rules do not have any such feature, plain and simple as that. You are looking for something that does not exist.

Feel free to open a feature request in the appropriate forum here.

So for example, if I put the the JS challenge on this firewall rule. The user will not see the challenge again within “a specific of time”, then it reset after “a specific of time”.

So how to I know how long is this “a specific of time” and control it?

I know currently there is no such feature, please stop misunderstanding the question

Yeah, just mention at the first place: “Firewall rules do not have any such feature yet”

Why making a long speech and going into a circle??? LOL

I am not misunderstanding the question, you keep asking for something even though it was mentioned several times already that it does not exist.

As for the challenge, that has nothing to do with firewall rules either, but you can set an expiration time for passed challenges, upon which users will be challenged again. That’s something you set in your dashboard.

Now you mentioned the “keyword”. It would be a lot easier if you mention this in the first place.

Yes, there’s a setting called “Challenge Passage” under Firewall - Tools.

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Yes, this is what I might looking for. Can you share the setting path or screenshot? Thanks

Thank you so much!