Firewall rule not working

I have some pages on my Intranet that are getting blocked by the WAF because the URL has a SQL query in it. I am trying to excempt certain pages from being blocked like this: (http.request.uri.path contains “/intranet/mail/”) and then choose action Allow.

However, the pages are still getting blocked, when a SQL statement is in the URL.

What am I doing wrong, or am I misunderstanding something?


Cloudflare first evaluates firewall rules and subsequently WAF rules, there is a chance the “allow” wont affect WAF. Maybe @alexcf could clarify that.

Yes, unfortunately at the moment the WAF and Firewall Rules are “standalone”, however we’ll be working to consolidate these in the near term. There isn’t really a great way to avoid that from being blocked.

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Ok that explains it, thanks! It would be nice to be able to turn off the WAF for certain website areas, like Intranets.

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