Firewall rule not work with Cache Everything (Page Rule)

I recently noticed that the firewall settings do not work in Cache Everything (Page Rule) mode.
In the first request, when there is no cache for a page, the firewall rules work properly
But if the cache is created by another request, by refreshing the page by me, the firewall rules will no longer work.

If I create a Cache Level: Bypass rule for a page, this problem will not be seen on that page
I tested this many times and the result was the same

I am unable to replicate this.

  1. I set Cache-Everything for a site, then requested a page, got a MISS, requested a few more times so I got a consistent HIT.
  2. I created a firewall rule to block the ASN
  3. I then requested the page and got a 503 JS Challenge.

I did this test with a user agent blocking rule
my rule:

Oh! I found that the “contains” method is case sensitive! That was my problem.
My problem was solved. Please close the thread