Firewall Rule not allowing User Agent Bot

Hi there,

We are attempting to allow two bots to access our website without requiring a JS challenge. Those two bots are MarkUp/1.0 and MarkUpProxy/1.0

We have added a firewall rule expression: (http.user_agent contains “MarkUp”)

That rule is active, but hasn’t been hit at all so something in our expression must not be correct:

On the firewall history, we can see the bots hitting CF but still getting the JS challenge as you can see here:

Can you help us on why our expression is not valid for the user agents noted in the firewall history?

Thanks in advance!

Check out the log under Service. Bot Fight Mode is triggering that, not your custom rule. You’ll probably need to disable Bot Fight Mode, allowing all bot access there.

Thanks Robb - I did it was caused by Bot Fight Mode, but thought my custom rule would override Bot Mode. Is there no way to override it? I would rather not disable the entire bot fight mode just for this one user agent we need.

Thanks again

Unfortunately no.
You might be able to try IP Access rules, some people claim that it allows the bots to bypass super bot fight mode.

Ah, thanks for confirming. We only can use user agents since the SaaS softwares are in question uses so many IPs. Think we are good to close out, appreciate both of you again.

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