Firewall rule management across multiple websites/domains

It would be nice to be able to apply a firewall rule across multiple websites (it could count as one of the rules for all sites where it is used).

Say a rule where you want to stop a particularly annoying requst that clogs logs like “/*.php” … currently I need to deploy this across every domain - quite inefficient.

It would be great to be able to create the rule as “global” or be presented with a list of websites that it can be applied to. I know this may create a complication with rule ordering, but perhaps these global rules can live above site specific rules … but they would still be part of the rule count for a particular website.

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Hi @autumn01,

It is likely to be possible through Terraform integration, however this may not be a viable solution for regular users.

Searching among product requests, I found this one that is somewhat related:

You can vote for this request if it meets your needs and enrich the existing discussion with your suggestions, or create your own product request.

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