Firewall rule isn't working

I added a firewall rule so my API could use my site since it’s being blocked by the bot fight mode but the rule doesn’t seem to work.

If you’re talking about the Super Bot Fight Mode, it’s pretty hard set and can’t be overridden by Firewall Rules. Yes, I struggle with the same issue, so I’ve disabled Super Bot Fight Mode for now.

I haven’t upgraded my plan yet so I’m still using the regular bot fight mode instead of the super one. I’m not sure if they work in the same way but if they do, do you know a way to go around this issue? I can’t really afford to disable it since my site is being continuously targeted by attackers.

Ah, so you’re seeing Bot Fight Mode triggered in the Firewall Event log? Does the User Agent String in the event log perfectly match name-api?

Yeah, it’s the exact same.

I’m not sure if regular Bot Fight Mode has the same limitation as the Super mode (not affected by Firewall Rules). Maybe an @MVP knows if there’s a way to bypass Bot Fight Mode in limited cases.

Unfortunately, no.

Is there a way to request this feature to be added to future updates? Eg. On Github or the Cloudflare site?

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