Firewall rule is from the list but looks like still blocking?

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What is the domain name?

Have you searched for an answer?
Looked in the forums if this was a known issue but couldn’t find anything that fast. It looked like it is a issue for support but I have a free plan…

Describe the issue you are having:
I had a firewall rule to block any other country except NL since I was testing first mostly.
Now the thing: When I checked today I didn’t saw my firewall rule anymore but the message:
could not find ruleset 77454fe2d30c4220b5701f6fdfb893ba

Well sounds logical since it is gone…
I have created a new ruleset in the hopes it overrules the old one but not 100% sure…

What error message or number are you receiving?
could not find ruleset 77454fe2d30c4220b5701f6fdfb893ba

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?
Since this looks like a issue with the Cloudflare dash I am unsure how to proceed.
I am on free plan so can’t open up a ticket in regards to this…

Anybody else experienced this and how did they proceed with it?

Do you have multiple firewall rules?

If so then the order of the rules comes into play, here’s a screenshot of my firewall rules

As you can see the “High country hack rate (challenge)” and “High hack block” are lower than the “Owner IP allowance”!

Well, I’m from the US and the US is included in rule #3

However, since I’ve allowed MY IP address: I don’t get the challenge, but anyone else (except any other IP’s I may have allowed) will get the challenge if they are from the United States or any other country mentioned!

So if you have a contradictory rule (like I do), the higher one on the list is the one that applies!

Was also my thought but I had no other than 1 but that one is gone.
So as I said I created a new one and only that one is there.

But I was researching a but further. I am unsure if that is the issue I have but:
The ones that are blocked are mostly /wp-config.php.old

I come up with the Bot Fight Mode as possible answer except it is disabled in my case.

Possibly somebody with a bit more knowledge on this one can give a bit more insight on it.

This come up once before here:

And I can confirm I’ve experienced it while testing and troubleshooting on a Free and Pro plan.

Currently, there are some “Cloudflare Free Managed Ruleset”, which are working good, however some users who try to edit wp-config.php via WordPress or cPanel File Manager get the “blocked page screen”.

From one perspective, it’s a good thing, from the other, it’s causing those unexpected behaviour which then results in confussion for the Cloudflare users.

Furthermore, as on a Free plan, currently we cannot “Add an exception” for that or some other particular “Managed Rule” because there is no button for it, yet, as it exists for a Pro plan which contains it.

I also tested and got the error bar at the bottom that the ruleset cannot be found (Free plan).

If your case is the same as I described above, I’d suggest you to edit your wp-config.php file by manually downloading it via FTP, modifying it, then re-uploading it.
It’s also a safer and much better way than allowing some plugin, or a hacker exploiting the WP plugin finding it’s vulnerability to edit your Website’s wp-config.php file.

So, my best guess is either Cloudflare has to modify something in the CF dashboard to allow us to “add an exception” even for them on a Free plan. Otherwise, the error we’re getting could be a temporary untl then as far as disabling/bypassing via Firewall Rules and via Page Rule doesn’t help at all.

I’ll do it for us and write back as soon as I get some more feedback information about this.

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