Firewall rule from external IP list?


Is it possible to create firewall block rule out of external IP list, and refresh it every few minutes?

I have my own IP blocklist, refreshed in real-time, and it is made out of 100% attack IP sources. Any source IP, which tries some hacking action on many of our web sites, is placed onto this list automatically and removed after attack is finished + some timeout.
So I have my other firewalls and UTMs configured to pull this list regulary and BLOCK all IPs from the list.

I would like to configure Cloudflare with same functionality, if possible.


Possible it is, however there is nothing out of the box. You’d need to create your own custom solution using the API at

I guess you are right. I took a brief overview on API and it’s quite simple, quite standard and easy to implement. But creating API to regularly update IP block list of hundreds or even thousands IP addresses seems not promising to me.
I will rather suggest developers of Cloudflare to integrate such a functionality to the core, maybe they find it useful.

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