Firewall Rule & Bots

I want to block “definitely automated” bots, but a WordPress plug-in I use called RapidLoad gets blocked. I created a Firewall rule where if the user agent contains RapidLoad to Allow it, but it still gets blocked unless I set “definitely automated” to allow. Is there a way I can allow RapidLoad and block other bots without paying $200/month?


You’ve hit the one big snag with Super Bot Fight Mode: the inability to bypass it. But you can use Firewall Rules to reduce the number of annoying bots. Hopefully, you can still use the “Likely automated bots” option.

Most bots come from cloud hosts, so if you block or challenge those, you should see some definite improvement.

Here’s a good list from a reliable user:

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Thanks, I’ll check it out!

However, when I go to the “Configure Super Bot Fight Mode” page, I only have the option to configure Definitely automated, Verified bots, Static resource protection, and JavaScript Detections. I don’t have an option for Likely automated…

Sorry, I forgot Pro plans don’t have that. I wish Pro plans had regular Bot Fight Mode like the free plans do. That helps some, without the limitations of Super Bot Fight Mode.

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100% agree with you here. The bypass rule should bypass the bot check. So annoying as we have a site monitoring service that the bot check picks up and blocks. Frustrating.

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