Firewall rule block IP FQDN

I would like to allow only some IP’s to access to my website, but the IP’s are dynamic and it hard to track them.

I was thinking to setup DDNS to track the IP’s and only allow them to my website. How I can setup this up in the Firewall rule? It only allow IP address. I want to setup a firewall that only allows FQDN.

How many people are you allowing? If you use Access, it’s free for up to 50 users and you can set up a list of email addresses permitted to request a login code. You can also add a “bypass” for a set up IP addresses as well.

Hi @sdayman,
Thank you for your reply. It won’t work filtering with the IP address since they change quit often. I was thinking using like duckdns e.g that points to 102.328.231.234.

In my firewall I want to set something like (ip.src eq

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