Firewall Rule block every uls's of my domain


I have Firewall Rule concerning */wp-admin.
It blocks every IP except mine, but…

It blocks every urls! It shows error 1020.
It wasnt shows earlier. I didnt change anything.

Do know how fix it? Exept turning of the rule :wink:

If that’s the only rule you have, can you post a screenshot of the rule itself?

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The rule is turned off now.
There are 2 IP, because my IP was changed. Itself.

Hi @ida1

You need to change the OR to another AND, currently anything that is not from the second IP will be blocked, unrelated to the path.

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I see you’re protecting your wp-login. For mine, I use an Access Policy. They’re free for 50 or fewer users. I have mine Bypass the block for my home IP address, and Allow a list of email addresses to receive a login code (for when selected users or I are away from our usual IP addresses.


Thank you, co much! :clap:
It works now :wink:

What about my earlier IP? Should I leave it or delete?

Can it back to me?

You can delete that earlier IP. And whenever yours changes, you can edit the IP address in the rule.

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