Firewall Rule 100201 starting triggering yesterday for Fake Googlebot for all our sites when we do SEO

When we do a curl -A "Googlebot" -I on any of our sites it was triggering rule 100201. This just started yesterday. It was giving a 403 error. We had to put the rule in simulate mode to start receiving a 200 again. Did CloudFlare make a change on their side. We have not any issues with this since we have been using the firewall.

That is the standard rule which blocks requests which pretend to be coming from Google when they actually do not. You either need to change the user agent or disable that particular WAF rule.

This has never triggered over the past year across our 30 sites. Something has changed causing it to trigger now. Typically we do not do the curl command for SEO, that was just for testing purposes.

This rule has been in place for a long time. If that rule is active and you pretend to be Google, Cloudflare will block it.

I will get more details but our analytics team reported the problem. They have been doing analytics for over a year with the rule enabled and no issue until yesterday.

Then they will have provided a different user agent. I am afraid there can’t be more said than what was already said :slight_smile:

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