Firewall problems

Hi everyone, I am new to CF and would be grateful if you could help me out with some advice please. I have tried the IP blocking feature, both firewall and IP access rules. These work only very unreliably for me. My DNS settings (for a Squarespace site) seem accurate. Still, the firewall rarely blocks the IP addresses that I set up. Thank you so much for any and all help. I really appreciate it.

Can you post a picture of the firewall rule?

You can also test it by adding an additional setting to block by something obvious, like your own IP address. If someone is bypassing it, it’s possible they are attacking the server directly be its origin IP address and bypassing Cloudflare.

It’s just the standard IP blocking rule but it doesn’t grab. I also tried it for my own IP address. Same problem. And I agree that this suggests that the rule can currently be circumvented. Yet, if that’s possible I assume that implies a problem with the DNS setup or not? Shouldn’t the DNS setup guarantee that CF is proxied in between the visitor and the original server?

If the firewall rule doesn’t block your own IP address, then there’s something wrong with the firewall rule…which you haven’t posted yet.

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