Firewall Possibly Blocking Good Users, Rule ID 100051 & 100062




Firewall Setting: medium

So, I have a few users who have been blocked by my cloudlfare firewall. The Rule ID’s are:

100051: Block URIs with URLs in them
100062: SQLi attempt []
Action Taken: Simulate

One of the users I’ve worked with for a while, and suddenly they are blocked and challenged by the firewall when logging in.

They logged in using their Google+ account.

Furthermore, their IP hasn’t changed, wifi and laptop, all the same. Country they are in, same…etc…all same.

  1. I was hoping you could tell me what each of the codes mean?
  2. What does Simulate action mean as well?
  3. So, it didn’t work for them on chrome, but later found Opera works for when trying to log in. Any guess to the reason?

Based on all that I’ve mentioned, is there a way to mediate this problem?

Than You.


hi @jfantasybooks

Simulate: Logs the event and does not block or challenge the visitor (you can still decide to set to a block or challenge after reviewing your logs).

Block: Block will simply block the request entirely, with no option to bypass it for that request.

Challenge: Will display a challenge (CAPTCHA) page that must be completed before the request in question is allowed access.