Firewall not working (properly)

Sorry, just configured an IP access rule to block my own ASN and it worked as expected. Same for firewall rules.

This is what my “Firewall Event Log” looks like. Every request you see (except the one that has been completely pixelated) should have been blocked by an ASN-based access rule. (What does an “Unknown” rule ID mean by the way?)

When I made my post I also created a test firewall rule that should’ve blocked myself (ip.geoip.asnum ne 8075). That rule still isn’t working. (There was an IP access rule that allowlisted my own address. See details below.)

I just found out that once an IP access rule whitelists a request, it would override any firewall rules that would’ve blocked it. You can test this using the following procedure.

  1. Using a test zone, create a firewall rule that would block yourself (like ip.geoip.asnum ne 0).
  2. Visit the site and you should get an “Error 1020” page.
  3. Create an IP access rule that whitelists your own IP address.
  4. Visit the site and it should work normally.
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